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Montgomery County Weather Event Procedures S.O.P.


24 April 2008


5 May 2008

Alert Stage #1:

In the event of an impending weather incident in Montgomery County, KS, the first point of contact (other than National Media), will be from the National Weather Service Office (NWS) by way of cell phone text messages from the NWS to Montgomery County Sheriff Office (MG SO), Montgomery County Rural Fire Coordinator (MG CO RFC), and Montgomery County Emergency Manager (MG CO EM) to alert Montgomery County of impending weather conditions. The dispatch office of the MG CO SO will contact MG CO RFC and MG CO EM by cell phone or radio. Simultaneously, the MG CO SO Dispatch will publicly announce the NWS Alert over the emergency radio frequencies in the County. All three County Departments (SO, RF, and EM) will begin to closely monitor the weather developments. Simultaneously the MG CO SO Dispatch will "all-page" all eight (8) Rural Fire Stations in the County (Cherryvale, Dearing, Havana, Independence, Liberty, Sycamore, Tyro, and Louisburg Township) in order to alert the entire County. The MG CO SO Dispatch will also notify every dispatch center in the County of the NWS Alert. At this stage, storm spotters will not be paged.

Alert Stage #2:

Upon notification from NWS of a status change from a weather watch (severe weather, tornado, high winds, or hail) to a weather warning either for Montgomery County or surrounding Counties (especially Chautauqua County, KS, Elk County, KS, Nowata County, OK, or Washington County, OK) the status change will be broadcast by the MG CO SO over radio frequencies, to include notifying all dispatch centers in the County and paging all eight Rural Fire Stations. The MG CO RFC and/or MG CO EM will determine the paging of individually selected Montgomery County rural firefighters to serve as weather spotters. Also during this Alert Stage, Montgomery County Public Works Director will be notified by MG County Sheriff Office.

Alert Stage #3:

Upon notification from NWS and/or spotter notification indicating the possible presence of a tornado or severe straight winds, an "all-call" page will be issued by the MG CO SO Dispatch to all rural fire fighters to report to their stations. The Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be partially activated to include the Montgomery County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) Officer, and an incident command structure will be established according to NIMS principles, see attachment A. At this stage, search and rescue operations will be conducted.